Hello!  Welcome to “The View from the Top of the Hill!”  We are a mom and son duo.  I’m Trudy (the mom…Hi!) and Chris is my son.  Why “The View from the Top of the Hill”?  There are many reasons.  The first, and most obvious, is that I quite literally live at the top of a hill, a nice, gently sloping hill near the Missouri Ozarks.  The view is stunning with clouds that float over us most afternoons, thunderstorms that pop up from time to time, and sea to shining sea fields of stars at night.  It took my husband and me a long time to work up to having such a satisfying lifestyle and we appreciate it.  My husband has devoted a great deal of effort to build a business and he’s at the top of the hill in his field, meteorology.

Then there’s my health.  You’ll read a lot about it here.  I have bipolar disorder and it blindsided me about 13 years ago.  I’d lived with it for decades but didn’t know I was living with it until it knocked me off my feet.  I’ve learned this isn’t uncommon, especially for bipolar II where the signs can be more subtle.  I’ve been fighting since then to regain that view from the top of the hill…the figurative view.  The view that comes about from stability.  I believe I’m there and I couldn’t be happier.

As for Chris, well, Chris is a city boy and lives, gulp, 2,000 miles away.   He’s an introvert to my sometimes-extrovert.  He’s the tech guy part of this blog, while I’m the health and crafting side.  What kind of crafts?  A little bit of everything including painting.  No, not painting pretty landscapes.  I wasn’t blessed with that talent, but there isn’t a bucket of paint or a paintbrush I don’t love.  Give me a piece of furniture or a wall and I’m dizzy with excitement!  Who knows what else we’ll bring?

Grab something to drink and maybe a snack and browse around.  We’re glad you stopped by!