Moving on Up

I was ready for Halloween.  This is unusual for me.  I don’t generally do much for Halloween, but this year I was excited for it months in advance, thanks to my obsession with Pinterest.  I had made a few craft and décor type purchases post-Halloween last year then started slowly adding to my collection as soon as the first skeletons and ghosts hit the shelf of my local Dollar General.  I purchased spooky black cheesecloth, white cheesecloth, skulls, skeletons, ribbon, and more all in anticipation of creating a scary-fun atmosphere.  (You’ll notice I did not say I purchased spiders.  Spiders are terrifying.  Horrifying.  Yes, even the plastic kind.  The only kind of spider I like is the dead kind).


But wouldn’t you know it?  I didn’t get to use any of my goodies because…the house we’re living in sold!  Yep, we’re moving.  Physically moving to a higher hillside with an even better view.  So in this case, the good news (the move) definitely outweighed the bad (no Halloween crafting for me).  While I couldn’t decorate for Halloween because, you know, packing, I will have fun decorating for Christmas.  I might do a little for Thanksgiving, but I need to focus on unpacking rather than decorating.  The official move is this coming Saturday, but we’ll be bringing stuff over there during the week in anticipation of making our new house our home.  I’ll feel a little sad at leaving our current home, but mostly I’m feeling excited!   To paraphrase Sheryl Crow: A change will do us good.

So now I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just go ahead and put the tree up now.  I mean, after all, why store it away when we’ll be using it soon, anyway?  Right?  And yes, it’s an artificial tree.  John has asthma and real trees set it off.  But why not go ahead and put up our tree?  And the new-to-us-house has a beautiful banister to decorate with greenery and ribbon.

At the moment, though, my current house is stacked to the rafters with full packing boxes.  I’m a little embarrassed (no, not really) to say the majority of the boxes are my crafting supplies.  But you see, one of the great things about this move is that I’m getting a she-shed!  A dedicated place to work on my crafts to my heart’s content without worrying about cleaning it up to make room to sit down to dinner.  Or having someone drop in and find my crafting supplies strewn all over the living room.  No more looking throughout the house for crystals, wooden dowels, or lace because it will all be in my shed.  And what a great place to hide “stuff” I don’t want DH (dear hubby) to know about, like birthday and Christmas gifts.  I think they’ll be perfectly safe there.

Well, I need to get back to work packing.  I may be able to get one more post in before we make the big move.  Soon I’ll be truly enjoying an even better “The View From the Top of the Hill”.

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