The New View From the Top of the Hill

neighboring-hillWe moved.  House and hearth.  We went from one view from the top of a hill to what is arguably a better view.  We have cows!  Well, we don’t…but there are cows on the hill across the way.  That gives you an idea of how rural we are.  Middle of nowhere rural.  Just the way I like it rural.

Seriously, I’ve tried in the past to get excited about


cities and I just can’t do it.  I like the convenience, but anxiety attacks rule the day over the traffic and trying to figure out where to turn, which lane to be in, which exit to take and all that.  Honestly, I can live without a sushi restaurant nearby.  Just give me a quiet country commute to the local market and I’m one happy camper.

Problems did raise their ugly heads during the packing/moving process.  I used to be so “with it”.  I mean, I’d get overwhelmed over certain things, but generally speaking I could handle it.  Not so much now.  I would look at everything needing to be done and completed prior to the move and shut down.  Nothing seemed to compute, mentally speaking.  I’d move things from one pile to another with nothing actually getting done.

packing-boxesNow I’m unpacking.  Well, sort of.  I’m dealing with this better than I did the packing (or lack thereof) but it’s still a challenge and I want to know what happened to ME?!  Where did *I* go?  I have crafting to do, but don’t want to start anything until I’ve unpacked the she-shed.  But I can’t do that until I’ve gotten the house in shape.  Oh.  And by the way…there are Christmas presents all mixed up in the stuff in the she-shed.  Gifts for next year, or do I frantically go through boxes to find them?  Hmmmm…haven’t made up my mind yet.  LOL!

And that’s the good part.  I do seem to have maintained my sense of humor.  As frustrated as I get with myself…as much as I wonder at times where I’ve “gone”…the humor is intact, for the most part.

Anyone else dealing with a move right now?  What are some of your coping skills?  Anyone have problems feeling overwhelmed at all there is to be done?  Let’s chat and see how we all can help one another.


Moving on Up

I was ready for Halloween.  This is unusual for me.  I don’t generally do much for Halloween, but this year I was excited for it months in advance, thanks to my obsession with Pinterest.  I had made a few craft and décor type purchases post-Halloween last year then started slowly adding to my collection as soon as the first skeletons and ghosts hit the shelf of my local Dollar General.  I purchased spooky black cheesecloth, white cheesecloth, skulls, skeletons, ribbon, and more all in anticipation of creating a scary-fun atmosphere.  (You’ll notice I did not say I purchased spiders.  Spiders are terrifying.  Horrifying.  Yes, even the plastic kind.  The only kind of spider I like is the dead kind).


But wouldn’t you know it?  I didn’t get to use any of my goodies because…the house we’re living in sold!  Yep, we’re moving.  Physically moving to a higher hillside with an even better view.  So in this case, the good news (the move) definitely outweighed the bad (no Halloween crafting for me).  While I couldn’t decorate for Halloween because, you know, packing, I will have fun decorating for Christmas.  I might do a little for Thanksgiving, but I need to focus on unpacking rather than decorating.  The official move is this coming Saturday, but we’ll be bringing stuff over there during the week in anticipation of making our new house our home.  I’ll feel a little sad at leaving our current home, but mostly I’m feeling excited!   To paraphrase Sheryl Crow: A change will do us good.

So now I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just go ahead and put the tree up now.  I mean, after all, why store it away when we’ll be using it soon, anyway?  Right?  And yes, it’s an artificial tree.  John has asthma and real trees set it off.  But why not go ahead and put up our tree?  And the new-to-us-house has a beautiful banister to decorate with greenery and ribbon.

At the moment, though, my current house is stacked to the rafters with full packing boxes.  I’m a little embarrassed (no, not really) to say the majority of the boxes are my crafting supplies.  But you see, one of the great things about this move is that I’m getting a she-shed!  A dedicated place to work on my crafts to my heart’s content without worrying about cleaning it up to make room to sit down to dinner.  Or having someone drop in and find my crafting supplies strewn all over the living room.  No more looking throughout the house for crystals, wooden dowels, or lace because it will all be in my shed.  And what a great place to hide “stuff” I don’t want DH (dear hubby) to know about, like birthday and Christmas gifts.  I think they’ll be perfectly safe there.

Well, I need to get back to work packing.  I may be able to get one more post in before we make the big move.  Soon I’ll be truly enjoying an even better “The View From the Top of the Hill”.

Don’t Rush Me! I’m Thinking!

psychiatristIt was a few years back and I had been seeing my current pdoc (psychiatrist) for some time.  I was trying to make a point about an issue I was having, but just didn’t feel I was adequately explaining my dilemma.  In a moment of desperation I reached down, grabbed my purse, opened it up, and thrust it towards my pdoc, saying, “Here!  This is what my brain feels like!”

My mom was the epitome of neatness.  The house was always maintained.  Shoot, she vacuumed and dusted every day because one of my brothers had asthma and the doctor had prescribed she do so.  It didn’t help that we lived down a dirt road.

Did you see what I did there?  I was explaining something and went down a different path altogether!  Anyway, my mom’s purse was also neat as a pin.  She liked purses and wallets with lots of pockets to keep all the contents organized.

contents of purseI, apparently, am not my mother’s daughter.  I used to be able to keep my home fairly neat, but I have difficulty with that these days.  And my purse?  Well, it’s packed full of receipts, lists, a few tubes of lipstick, a pen or two, and other assorted flotsam and jetsam.  I don’t know where it all comes from. I know right now I have some sari silk ribbon hanging out, chillaxin’ in my bag.  I know where it came from, but I don’t know how it found its way to my purse’s interior.  (Actual photo of my purse’s contents.)

I subscribe to a publication called BPHope.  It’s for people with bipolar disorder and those who love them.  Besides the regular magazine are daily emails with articles and I just happened to stumble across one entitled, “Straight Talk on Racing, Obsessive, and Cluttered Thoughts”.  According to this article, under the subheading “cluttered thoughts”, some “…describe this experience as having part of their attention on the task or conversation at hand while another part of their mind is scampering from thought to thought.”  Halleluiah!!!!  That’s exactly what I experience!  And why I started out going in one direction with this post and seemingly started to switch gears.

synapsesNow, the article doesn’t give any answers to this problem, other than to bring it up with my pdoc.  Shoot!  I thought I already had when I shoved my purse in his face!  But in any case, I see my doc next week and will bring it up.  I’m not sure what can be done.  At least, though, he’ll know of my concerns and we’ll talk about neurotransmitters, synapses, and the like.  That’s always fun.  Makes me feel like a moderately intelligent adult for a while.  While I’d prefer no one else have to cope with bp disorder, the article was a reminder that I’m not alone…problems processing thoughts are pretty common within the bp community, though I’m sure there are those with healthy brains who have problems from time to time, as well.   I don’t lay claim to anything as being strictly within the purvey of the bp community with the exception of, you know, having bp disorder!

So how about you?  Do you struggle with thought processes?  Focus? Attention?  Obsessive thoughts? Rambling thoughts?  Drop me a line.


Hi!  I’m Trudy.  Welcome to this little corner of the blogosphere.  I’m glad you found us and hope you can hang around a bit. I’m blessed to be able to blog with my son, Chris.   As you can see, we’re still under construction, but soon these pages will be filled with crafting goodness, recipes of all types, tech tips, lifestyle helps, and mental health information.  You see, I have bipolar disorder, bp II to be exact, and it has impacted my life tremendously.  One might think the impact would be negative, and a lot of it has been, but there are positives, too.  Ah-ah-ah!  I can’t get into that now.  That’s a topic for a post to be…ummmm…posted at a later date.  Rest assured, there will be plenty of posts!  Bookmark this site.  Yes, right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  Good!  Check back in a couple of days.  I have a lot of plans to share with you.  I can’t wait to get underway!