The New View From the Top of the Hill

neighboring-hillWe moved.  House and hearth.  We went from one view from the top of a hill to what is arguably a better view.  We have cows!  Well, we don’t…but there are cows on the hill across the way.  That gives you an idea of how rural we are.  Middle of nowhere rural.  Just the way I like it rural.

Seriously, I’ve tried in the past to get excited about


cities and I just can’t do it.  I like the convenience, but anxiety attacks rule the day over the traffic and trying to figure out where to turn, which lane to be in, which exit to take and all that.  Honestly, I can live without a sushi restaurant nearby.  Just give me a quiet country commute to the local market and I’m one happy camper.

Problems did raise their ugly heads during the packing/moving process.  I used to be so “with it”.  I mean, I’d get overwhelmed over certain things, but generally speaking I could handle it.  Not so much now.  I would look at everything needing to be done and completed prior to the move and shut down.  Nothing seemed to compute, mentally speaking.  I’d move things from one pile to another with nothing actually getting done.

packing-boxesNow I’m unpacking.  Well, sort of.  I’m dealing with this better than I did the packing (or lack thereof) but it’s still a challenge and I want to know what happened to ME?!  Where did *I* go?  I have crafting to do, but don’t want to start anything until I’ve unpacked the she-shed.  But I can’t do that until I’ve gotten the house in shape.  Oh.  And by the way…there are Christmas presents all mixed up in the stuff in the she-shed.  Gifts for next year, or do I frantically go through boxes to find them?  Hmmmm…haven’t made up my mind yet.  LOL!

And that’s the good part.  I do seem to have maintained my sense of humor.  As frustrated as I get with myself…as much as I wonder at times where I’ve “gone”…the humor is intact, for the most part.

Anyone else dealing with a move right now?  What are some of your coping skills?  Anyone have problems feeling overwhelmed at all there is to be done?  Let’s chat and see how we all can help one another.


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